Henna is a beautiful way to honor the experience of carrying a child. It is incorporated into baby showers, baby blessings and pregnancy photography all over the world. Read details about how J.U. Henna Tattoo does pregnancy henna appointments, and when you're ready, fill out the appointment request form (located above) to get started!

Henna Pricing

Traditional henna (red/brown color) is priced below as the standard. White henna and Swarovski crystals are charged as add-ons. To make an appointment, $10 will be removed from your henna's price and collected up-front as a deposit (via PayPal). The remaining rates will be collected during the henna appointment.

Partial Belly:
$70 (25-35 minute application time)


Full Belly:
$100 (40 - 60 minute application time)


Medium/Small additions on chest, hands and/or feet: $15 extra per piece (additional 10 minutes per piece)

Large/Intricate additions on chest,hands and/or feet: $20 - $30 extra per piece (additional 15-30 minutes per piece)

Appointment Location

Pregnancy henna appointments can be done where you feel most comfortable. Feel free to put your feet and enjoy a cup of tea - these appointments can take a few hours, so I recommend an at-home appointment. You can choose any location that is comfortable to you as long as it has seating for two.

Travel Fees
A travel fee will be added as part of your deposit: $20 per hour of total travel (accounts for travel to and from appointment). If paid parking and/or tolls are required, this will also be added to the deposit. My starting location is shown on the map below.


Henna Designs

I am a floral and mandala expert and can free-form unique and beautiful artwork on-the-spot. If that isn't your thing, feel free to print or send me a photo and I will gladly mimic any henna piece you prefer!

Weekly Availability

Below are my available start-times for pregnancy henna appointments.

Mondays: 5:30 pm
Tuesdays: 5:30 pm
Wednesdays: 5:30 pm
Thursdays: 5:30 pm
Fridays: 5:30 - 6:30 pm
Saturdays: 12:30 pm - 7:30 pm
Sundays: 12:30 - 4:30 pm

Ingredients and Allergies

Henna is made from all-natural ingredients and is generally safe for both mommy and baby-on-board. However, it is recommended you read the ingredients, and if you feel necessary, consult your doctor before receiving henna. Henna should be avoided or used sparingly if you are extremely anemic or have G6PD deficiency.

Free Henna-Wrapping 

After applying a fresh henna tattoo it is important to avoid friction. For this reason, henna is usually left exposed and in the open-air for a few hours after the application. However, after receiving henna in areas like the belly, it is sometimes necessary to put clothing on top of the tattoo right after the henna appointment. 

For this reason, I provide the option to blow-dry each henna piece and wrap the area with medical tape (latex-free) to protect the henna pieces from being rubbed-off by clothing. This step can take up to 30 minutes from start to finish.

Some people like this extra-protection for their henna tattoo so they can put on a shirt and move on with their day. Others prefer to wear a sports-bra for a few hours, keeping their henna out in the open so they can fully experience the sights and smells of the henna tattoo. The choice is completely up to you!

Note: Henna wrapping is optional, J.U. Henna Tattoo is not responsible for any adverse reaction to the hospital-grade medical tape used to wrap the henna.

Photography Tip

Henna takes 48 hours to fully darken. If you want great henna-stain pictures, try to book your henna appointment a few days before you have your photography session.

Jessica did my pregnancy henna tattoo, which was a great experience from start to finish. She was extremely professional and has a vibrant personality. She even asked what type of style or ideas I had to ensure she made my henna artwork just for me. She took her time and was always aware of my comfort (being 7 months pregnant). I would highly recommend her services and look forward to my next henna experience with her!
— Odara, Philadelphia PA

Complete the appointment request form (located at top of page) to get started on booking your pregnancy henna appointment! If you have any questions, submit it in my FAQ page or email juhennatattoo@gmail.com.