Spice it up with some Henna Color!


Traditional henna beautiful, but is always a red/brown hue. To mix things up, J.U. Henna Tattoo also offers colorful and white tattoo artwork. Henna Color (same as white henna) is a waterproof, FDA approved paint that sticks to the top of your skin. It is made from acrylic, waterbed adhesives and pigments (latex-free).

Henna Color is NOT a skin-stain, like traditional henna. Instead, it is an adhesive-body paint. Although not as long-lasting as traditional henna, Henna Color can be used on it's own or to enhance a traditional henna tattoo with pops of color to make it something truly stunning.


White henna and Swarovski crystals.

White henna and traditional henna paste.

White henna and Swarovski crystals.

The henna tattoo above has Henna Color in turquoise, pink and white. It also has traditional henna (red/brown color).


Pricing: All of my designs can be applied completely with Henna Color or in-addition to traditional henna. Henna Color is an extra 25% is used as an accent to traditional henna, or an extra 50% if used on it's own. 


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