Henna has been used throughout centuries as part of wedding celebrations. Let it be part of yours with J.U. Henna Tattoo.

Packages & Pricing

Bridal henna has been conveniently divided into packages to suite all budgets and needs. Traditional henna (red/brown color) is priced below as the standard. White henna and Swarovski crystals are charged as add-ons. Packages are separated by the amount of henna and the amount of detail of the designs. 

Bridal Packages

copper package

Two full hands up to wrists.

SILVER package

Two hands up to wrists.
Two feet up to ankle.

GOLD package

Two hands and arms up to mid-forearm.

PLATINUM package

Two hands and arms up to mid-forearm.
Two feet and ankles.


TITANIUM package

Two hands and arms up to elbow.

DIAMOND package

Two hands and arms up to elbow.
Two full feet and legs up to calf.

Payment and Deposit

To make an appointment, $50 will be removed from your henna's price and collected up-front as a deposit (via PayPal). This deposit lets you rest-easy that your appointment date is secure in J.U. Henna Tattoo's schedule. Travel fees will also be added to this deposit, if applicable (read "Locations and Travel" below). The remaining rates will be collected during the bridal henna appointment. Once officially booked, your appointment can be canceled (and receive deposit back) or rescheduled up to 14 days before the appointment.


Your bridal henna designs are completely up to you. You can choose to have something completely original that the artist creates, or to choose an image from my site or elsewhere. Bridal henna can be fully customized - the bride and groom's initials can even be worked into the design!


Bridal henna is best booked at least a month in advance - spring and summer are the busiest seasons. 

Henna takes 48 hours to fully darken. If you want great henna pictures, book your henna appointment 2 or 3 days before your wedding!

Weekly Availability

Below are my available start-times for bridal henna appointments. For Platinum packages and up, a weekend appointment is recommended, but weekday appointments can be accomodated.

Mondays: 5:30 pm
Tuesdays: 5:30 pm
Wednesdays: 5:30 pm
Thursdays: 5:30 pm
Fridays: 5:30
Saturdays: 10:00 am - 5:30 pm
Sundays: 10:00 am - 5:30 pm

Location & Travel

Bridal henna takes hours to complete, so it is recommended that the appointment takes place in a setting most comfortable for the bride to be sitting for a long period of time. Because of this, at-home bridal henna appointments are usually the preferred setting. 

A travel fee will be required as part of your deposit: $10 per half-hour of total travel (accounts for travel to and from appointment). If paid parking and/or tolls are required, this will also be added to the deposit.

I found Jessica through an online search for my bridal henna. I was in a little bit of a time pinch and I could not have gotten more lucky! Jessica was absolutely amazing. Not only is she an amazing artist but getting my henna done was a great experience for both me and my fiancé. She was so easy to talk to, and so professional. I plan to use her for my future henna needs!! I couldn’t imagine going to anyone else.
— Shiana, Philadelphia PA

Complete the appointment request form (located at top of page) to get started on booking your bridal henna appointment. If you have any questions, submit it in my FAQ page or email juhennatattoo@gmail.com.