Henna is a great addition to:

  • Girls' night in
  • Birthday parties
  • Bachelorette parties
  • Bridal showers
  • Corporate parties
  • Summer parties & BBQs
  • or any fun get-together

The artist of JU Henna Tattoo will travel to your event's location to provide skilled henna tattoo artwork for your guests. Parties are charged by the hour with one hour minimum. Since you are not paying per piece, the hourly rate saves you money and gives you the most henna for your buck.

Deposit & Hourly Pricing

To book an event, a deposit is collected up-front via PayPal, Venmo or credit card. The deposit is the first hour's rate, plus any applicable travel fees (learn more below). Payment for additional henna-time will be collected as a final balance at the end (or beginning, depending on your party's convenience) of my henna services.

Traditional henna (red/brown color) is priced below as the standard. White henna and Swarovski crystals are charged as add-ons. 

Weekend Events
(Friday, Saturday, Sunday) 

First hour: $120
for each additional half-hour

Weeknight Events (Monday through Thursday) 

First hour: $100
for each additional half-hour

*White "henna": Add 25% to party rates if white "henna" will be applied in addition to regular henna as an accent. Add 50% to party rates if the party will be mostly white "henna."

*Crystal application: Price varies based on the amount of guests at the party and will be quoted on an individual basis.

How Many Tattoos Per Hour

Below is a list of the approximate amount of time it takes to apply my standard designs in traditional henna. (Swarovski crystal application and white henna require extra time).

Minis: 2 minutes or less (can do about 50 pieces per hour, about $200 dollars-worth of designs for hourly rate)

Small tattoos: 2 to 3 minutes (can do about 25 pieces per hour, about $200 dollars-worth of designs for hourly rate)

Medium tattoos: 3 to 7 minutes (can do about 12 pieces per hour, about $180 dollars-worth of designs for hourly rate)

Large tattoos (full hand/foot designs): 7 to 13 minutes (can do about 6 pieces per hour, about $150 dollars-worth of designs for hourly rate)

Custom tattoos: I can copy henna tattoos that you find as long as there is a clear picture (can even be from your phone). Application time varies per piece. In general, add at least an extra 25% to the above application times.

Travel Fees

Depending on your party location, a travel fee may be required as part of your deposit to cover for the time and expenses of travel. This fee is $20 per hour of travel, accounting for both the travel to the location and back. This fee will be collected up-front as part of your deposit.

Party Customizations

It is your party, so I will gladly accommodate my services to your event. You can choose if your guests enjoy a full-range of my most intricate designs, or leave with something beautiful and simple. I can accommodate my designs to the unique needs of any event. 

In addition to my standard henna supplies, I can also provide the following (optional) items at no additional cost:

  • Small table and tablecloth
  • Two chairs (one for me and one for henna client)
  • Printed signs saying "Free Henna"
  • A-frame sign of henna designs
  • Blow dryer for quick-dry (need outlet)

Henna Party Policies

  • The henna party is not booked without a deposit.
  • Henna services can be cancelled (full deposit refund) or rescheduled until 14 days before your event. 
  • Balance payment will be collected immediately at the conclusion of henna services through cash, check, card or paypal (unless an alternative method has been agreed upon prior to the party).
  • I typically need 10 - 15 to set up my henna station and get prepared for the party. For this reason, I always plan on arriving a little early to get set up.

Note - If I cannot arrive by the henna start-time due to unforeseen circumstances, I can either stay later to honor the full length of the party, or we can arrange a partial refund based on the amount of time missed.

Some Party Advice...

  • If henna is part of a larger event, don't forget to let your guests know about this awesome and unique party feature! Mention it on the invitation, have the DJ make an announcement, show off your henna to your guests, etc. 
  • Henna parties are great for children's parties, but it's best suited for ages 13 and up. (Younger children sometimes forget to let their henna dry and it becomes smeared while they run and play).
  • Hosting a party can be hectic, so I recommend collecting your balance (either cash, paypal or credit card) before the start of the party. If paying by cash (preferred), keep it in an envelope so you can easily and quickly make your final payment at the end of my henna services.
Jessica did an amazing hand designs at Mom’s Organic Market opening in Cherry Hill. She works very quickly and the end results were beautiful. Thank you for my first henna tattoo!
— Lucia DiSimone, Marlton, New Jersey

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